New Zealand Visa Application Centres



Q. 1. How do we lodge our application for a visa? What is TTS and what is its role?

A part of Immigration New Zealands application process has been outsourced to TTS. TTS is responsible for the following on behalf of Immigration New Zealand:

  • accepting all types of visa applications and ensuring all lodgement requirements are met
  • accepting the processing fee on behalf of Immigration New Zealand
  • accepting all mail directed to Immigration New Zealand
  • despatch of mail from Immigration New Zealand, including despatch of passports

If you wish to lodge an application for visa or provide additional information regarding an already lodged application, then please contact your designated TTS office. Any application received by TTS office in Delhi by 3.00pm reaches Immigration New Zealand the same day. Applications from TTS offices outside Delhi reach Immigration New Zealand within 24 to 48 hours.

Q. 2. Is it possible to visit the Immigration New Zealand officer personally for clarifications?

Personal visits by applicants are by appointment only. If you need clarification on policy matters please visit the Immigration New Zealand website or call up Immigration New Zealand Contact Centre at +91-11-42596300 (Mondays to Fridays – 0900 to 1500hrs).

Q. 3. Can we collect our passports personally?

Passports cannot be collected personally by individuals. TTS deals with the dispatch of passports for Immigration New Zealand. (In case there is an exceptional case, you need to speak with an Immigration New Zealand Visa Officer for authorizing a personal collection). TTS provides the Reference Number at the time of lodgement of application which can be used to track your passport on the TTS website.

Q. 4. What are the processing times for the different types of visa applications?

Processing times vary depending on individual circumstances. For an indication of the average processing times please visit,

Q. 5. What documents should I lodge with my visa application (visitor, work, student, residence)

Please visit the below link for Immigration New Zealand New Delhi branch website for detailed information on visa requirements: -

Q. 6. Do you have a list of approved agents or consultants?

Immigration New Zealand does not hold lists of approved agents or consultants. We accept applications directly from clients or through their authorized representative.

Please note:If customers wish to use the services of a representative to assist with an application it is important that the representative they use is either licensed or exempt from the requirement to be licensed. For more information visit the Immigration Advisers Authority website at

Q. 7. How much money should I carry with me if I am travelling to NZ on a holiday?

The approximate living expense in New Zealand amounts to NZ$1000 per person per month.

Q. 8. From where can I get my medical reports completed?

Medical reports completed on the Immigration New Zealand prescribed form completed by a Immigration New Zealand panel doctor are the only acceptable reports. Please note that reports from your family doctor or any other doctor not on the Immigration New Zealand panel of doctors, are not acceptable. A list of panel doctors can be obtained from

Q. 9. Can we find out the status of our Expression of Interest online? Can changes be made to the EOI after submission and are there any additional charges?

Yes, EOI status can be obtained online. Changes can be made to the EOI online or by contacting the Business Migration Branch. No additional fee is payable.

Q. 10. What are the contact details for the Business Migration Branch?

Business Migration Branch
3rd Floor, Solnet House
70 The Terrace
Phone: 09 914 4100
Fax: 04 801 2928

Q. 11. How can we apply for extension of visas?

You should travel to New Zealand within the validity of your visa. If you are unable to do so, you must lodge a fresh application along with the processing fee and all pertinent information to obtain a fresh visa. For holders of residence visas, if there are extenuating circumstances as a result of which you are unable to travel, contact the Immigration New Zealand office with all the details. A decision is taken on a case by case basis.

Q. 12. How can my sponsor support my application if he or she is outside of New Zealand?

If a New Zealand resident/ citizen is outside of New Zealand at the time of sponsoring an application he or she can complete the sponsorship form and send the same along with the visa application and supporting documents to establish his eligibility as a sponsor. The sponsorship application can be approved by a visa officer.

Q. 13. Is a confirmed ticket or a return ticket required for applying for a visitor visa?

An original travel ticket does not need to be submitted along with the visa application. We would however need to sight the original ticket in case of a transit visa application.

Q. 14. What does outward passage/ funds waived mean?

If your visa label states Outward Passage Waived or Funds Waived then you will not be required to show evidence of return journey or evidence of funds at the airport. However, if these are not waived you will be required to carry a return ticket and sufficient funds to meet the expenses of your visit to New Zealand.

Q. 15. What is the maximum duration of a visitor visa?

On a visitor visa the maximum allowable stay is 9 months. The visa is normally valid for 3 months or in some cases upto 6 months. Business persons travelling to New Zealand frequently for business purposes may be issued multiple entry visitor visa valid for a maximum period of 3 years.

Q. 16. Do we need to pay a different processing fee for a longer validity visitor visa?

No additional fee is chargeable for a longer validity. Please note that the validity of the visa is at the discretion of the processing Visa Officer.

Q. 17. Is there a different fee charged for urgent processing of applications?

No additional fee is charged for urgent processing. If you need to have your application processed urgently contact an Immigration New Zealand officer.

Q. 18. My family and I have been issued visitor/ residence visas together which are valid for the same period of time. Do we all need to travel at the same time?

No, the entire family does not need to travel at the same time, however everyone needs to enter New Zealand before the validity of their visas expire.

Q. 19. What is a group visa?

A group visa is a single visa issued to a group of people travelling to New Zealand for the same purpose and they will be entering New Zealand together. The group members do not get visa labels endorsed on their individual passports. The visa is instead pasted on the group visa form which contains the names of all the group members. Each member of the group will however get their passports endorsed with a permit on arrival in New Zealand.

Q. 20. What is the minimum number of people required to lodge a group visa?

Groups sizes vary from 5 to 14 members. If there are more than 14 members separate group visa forms need to submitted.

Q. 21. Do we need to complete the usual visa application forms for a group visa?

Yes, the normal visa application forms need to be completed along with the group visa form on which the label will be issued.

Q. 22. Do we need to pay for the return of our documents?

No, you are not required to pay for the return of your documents. TT Services charges are inclusive of this.

Q. 23. Can visiting nationals of other countries lodge their applications for visas at TT Services office?

Ideally nationalsof other countries, should apply in the INZ office, designated for receiving visaapplications from their country. However other nationals visiting India, Bangladesh, Nepal or Bhutan canlodge application for temporary entry visas at the nearest TTS office. Please note that the processing office for these applications will depend upon the TT Services VisaApplication Centre, where the application has been submitted. For example, if the applicationis submitted at a Visa ApplicationCentre that services TTS Mumbai, then the application will be processed there.

Q. 24. Who does not need a visa?

Please be requested to refer the link: to obtain information on visa free visitors.

Q. 25. When should we apply for a transfer of visa?

If your passport has a valid New Zealand visa and has expired, you must apply for your visa to be transferred from the old passport to the new passport. Please submit your old and new passport along with the current processing fee, to get your visa transferred.

Q. 26. Are we required to submit the photocopy of the passport while lodging the application?

Yes, you are required to submit the photocopy of the passport (the first two and the last two pages) even if you are submitting the original passport.

Q. 27. What is a transit visa?

Transit visas are only for people who will be in New Zealand for less than 24 hours and will not leave the transit area of the airport. If you will be in New Zealand for more than 24 hours or want to leave the transit area, you will need a visitor’s visa.

Q. 28. Under the new transit visa policy do I need a transit visa?

You will require a transit visa unless:

  • you are from a country on our list of visa-free countries (the list can be found on our website or in Section E2.1.5 of our Operational Policy Manual), or
  • you are a citizen of Australia, or
  • your immediate or final destination after New Zealand is Australia, and you hold a current visa allowing you to travel to Australia, or
  • you have a current visa allowing you to travel to New Zealand, or
  • you are from one of the following countries which are exempt from transit visa requirements.
  • Bahamas, Republic of Marshall Islands, Bermuda, Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Tonga, Nauru, Tuvalu, Palau, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea


Q. 29. If I require a transit visa, where do I apply for one?

The list of receiving offices for applications can be found at Appendix 4 of the Operational Manual or you can visit our website at and use our office and fee finder to find your nearest branch office or to calculate our fees.

Q. 30. How will passport(s) /document(s) be returned, after the processing of my application is finished?

TT Services uses Blue Dart for couriering passports within India,where Blue dart services are available. To know about functional areas of BlueDart please visit,
Applicants living outside the functional areas of Blue Dart will receive their passports through Speed Postor Registered Post.
All applicants from outside India will receive their passports through Indian Registered Post.
Applicants can also arrangefor the pickup of their applications and drop of their passports with theirpreferred courier companies. However this does not affect the TT Services feepayable.

Q. 31. Why is the VAC service fee changing?

The VAC service fee amount contracted with the commercial providers who provide visa support services is set in New Zealand dollars (for locations included in this review). The service fee is then converted to local currency and reviewed at a specified frequency. This change in fee is a direct result of a review of foreign exchange rates in line with INZ’s contract with commercial providers.